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The Book & Movie

From 1987-89, Kurt Muse led a band of Panamanian patriots in a plot to overthrow General Manuel Antonio Noriega, the narco-military dictator of Panama. When Kurt was betrayed and arrested, he was subjected to 4 days of non-stop interrogation after which he was transferred to the infamous Modelo Prison and held there in solitary confinement. Kurt slept on the concrete floor of his bare cell and only saw the sun 4 times in 9 months. Under threat of imminent execution, elite U.S. Army Delta Force Operators fought their into the prison and whisked him away in a daring rescue codenamed Acid Gambit. After his rescue the chopper was shot down--twice!--and several of his rescuers were critically wounded, Kurt was armed and helped the team on the ground until help could arrive. 

  • Great changes begin with a single gesture.
  • Articulate your vision. Surround yourself with those committed to it.
  • Have a plan, be flexible and...... PRESS ON!
  • You can't control your circumstance, but you can and must control your attitude. Be resilient.
  • Emotional rock bottom is a great place to start over.
  • Create opportunity in the midst of chaos.
  • Face hardship with dignity, grace and humor.
  • Solved! The greatest of riddles: What is the most important thing in life? 
  • Ready....Aim......Click!! The miracle of the little piece of paper.
  • The RESCUE. Freedom redefined.

The Program

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Kurt is a wonderfully gifted  storyteller who engages all audiences from the outset and never lets them go. 

Kurt Muse

BEstselling Author | inspirational speaker