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"I am not what happened to me. I am what I chose to become" 

 Carl Jung

He and his family resettled in the United States where he began a printing and graphics company in Northern Virginia. He sold the company and accepted a position as the Strategic Planning and Development Manager for a Special Program for Bechtel-Nevada at the Nevada Test Site. Kurt later co-founded Immersive Media Tactical Solutions, which was tasked by the U.S. Army to drive more than 10,000 miles in both Iraq and Afghanistan to collect valuable 360ᵒ “street view” imagery of those countries. His company also provided terrestrial ISR equipment and personnel to assist in the US Army’s route clearance combat engineers in their counter IED operations in both theaters of operation.

While working at IMTS Kurt was a regular lecturer at various DoD entities. Kurt sold his company in 2016 which provided him with the opportunity to pursue his speaking career full-time.  Kurt is the author of the recently published book,
Six Minutes to Freedom, an exciting non-fiction treatise of his ordeals in Panama. A major motion picture is being made of his book. Kurt and his wife Anne have been married 46 years. They have two children, Kimberly and Erik and four grandchildren.

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​​Kurt Muse was raised and educated in Panama City, Panama.  He has over 40 years of management and international business experience, 15 of those years spent overseas. After graduating from college in the U.S. and fulfilling his Army ROTC active duty obligations, Kurt returned to Panama and began his career in a family-owned printing-supply company. He was the General Manager and later Managing Director of his family’s enterprises which had offices and affiliates throughout Central America. From 1987-89 Kurt led a band of Panamanian patriots in a plot to overthrow General Manuel Antonio Noriega, the narco-military dictator of Panama. Kurt was betrayed and arrested, and spent 9 months in the infamous Modelo Prison. Under threat of imminent execution, a team of elite U.S. Army Delta Force operators landed on the roof of the prison and fought their way into the prison and whisked him away in a daring rescue codenamed Acid Gambit.